I’m here, I’m here. I disappeared, but only into books, games, and new ideas.

As a reviewer for Nevada Young Reader Award (NYRA), I’m swamped with reading! There are several categories for the nominated titles, and I focus on the intermediate reads. I have about… 12 books to read by the March conference. Let’s see, that’s about 3 books a week to be on track. Yikes! I am hoping to finish all of them, but I won’t be able to supply full reviews on them through this venue. Check for me on goodreads for my updates, if you’re curious!

I’m a nerd in more ways than one!

I’ve finished earning a platinum trophy on Atelier Ayesha for the PS3! If you’re a fan of synthesis, role-playing games (RPGs), fantasy, and a laidback plot, you’ll like! I found the game beautiful, but very slow. It lacked intensity with the storyline, but had a strong focus with character development. The character designs were cute, and I enjoyed watching the characters interact with the main alchemist character named Ayesha. In the story, Ayesha, who runs a humble apothecary, journeys to find her spirited away sister. With the help of a dynamic cast of characters, Ayesha discovers the truth, alchemy, and herself as she unravels natural mysteries around her.

I’ve also finished playing the new Life is Strange (Episode 1: Chrysalis) game on the PS4. The game is developed by Dontnod Entertainment, and published by Square Enix. You follow the character the young teenage photographer Max when she returns to her hometown and observes that so many things have chanced since she has been away for five years. Most of the mystery centers around a missing girl named Rachel and her best friend Chloe. In the beginning of the game, Max is caught in a vision of a swirling tornado near the town’s  lighthouse. She awakens from the vision and finds herself in class wondering what was real or not. After leaving class, Max witnesses the murder of student and discovers she is able to reverse time. Using this power to her advantage, she ultimately makes choices throughout the game that change events, outcomes, and the way the other characters respond. I love being in control of the character, but it can be stressful making these choices that change the game’s outcome. I like the rating at the end of the chapter and seeing how other people responded differently or similarly. Older teenagers and younger adults will love this game. Be aware: profanity, sexual themes, violence, and drugs.

The other game I’m playing and loving (after beating Tales of Graces f) is Tales of Symphonia. I know, I’m like 10 years late. I remember my brothers playing this game and seeing snippets of the game, knowing it was a good game, but never getting around to it. At that time, it was made for the Gamecube, which was my brother’s console. Because they released the first and second game as a set on the PS3, I now have opportunity. I’m only about 20 hours in, but so far, I’m enjoying. The plot isn’t too complicated, the characters on complex, and I love the skits which allow the player to get closer to the characters and discover more about the plot. This is another fantasy game full of depth and excitement!

New Ideas

I have a new project in the works! I’ve always dreamed of becoming a novelist. In fact, when I was 14 years old writing fanfiction, I dreamed of attending a small liberal arts college and majoring in Creative Writing. In high school, I was never able to take the Creative Writing course (it was for seniors, and by the time I became a senior, the class was cancelled and then renewed AFTER I graduated). Now, I have decided to pursue my goal of publishing a book in my lifetime, and I’ve come up with a fantastic idea. I won’t share too much here, but let’s just say – I feel like I’ve struck gold! Wish me luck on my progress.


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