Score: lemon_1small lemon_2small lemon_3small lemon_4small out of 5 lemons

Just stamp “Rowell fan” on my forehead, and be done with it! I devoured this book. If only I didn’t have those pesky adult responsibilities, I would have read this in one sitting! The quirky tone of this book, charismatic and realistic characters, and marvelous fanfiction scripts made this book for me. Halfway through, I was inspired (more like, compelled) to Google if Rowell would consider writing and publishing the Simon novels separate from this story (even for its Harry Potter likeness). One can hope! Readers like me would be first line!

Background Blurb: From when I was 14 years old, I was obsessed with fanfiction. Literally, obsessed. This was around the time I discovered the video game franchise, Kingdom Hearts, due to the release of the first game and my love for anime began to truly blossom. As a young girl, I watched Toonami and Sailor Moon, Pokemon, Dragonball Z, Trigun, Cowboy Bebop, and on, but it wasn’t until Inuyasha that I wanted to explore these animated worlds more creatively as a writer and reader. Then, I moved onto Harry Potter fanfiction, and slash. There is something about the tension between the hero and dark rival that inspires other sorts of tension *cough* sexual *cough*. Drarry will forever be in my adolescent heart, and it has carried on into adulthood. There are some wonderful writers out there who started with fanfiction, and no, I’m not talking about Stephanie Meyer. (Side note: The Lemon Librarian does NOT refer to fanfiction lemons.)

That was a big piece of the book I enjoyed – the fanfiction and excerpts from the original books and stories Magicath wrote with her sister. Admittedly, I was gushing. It was interesting how they would sometimes apply to the main character’s journey. I wish there was a bit more of it, considering the book is titled “Fangirl”. That’s what brilliant writers do – they leave you wanting more! I almost felt like Cath in the book, who could do get enough of the characters. She felt so immersed in her characters and writing that she neglected her real life responsibilities. But sometimes, that’s how we feel – like we want to escape. Life can be hard sometimes.

Not sure what I can say about this book that hasn’t already been said, but I can reiterate that if you enjoy realistic fiction, fanfiction, romance, college stories, and fictional characters struggling with family baggage and mental disorders – all flavored with Rowell’s charming and eccentric style – then you should read this one. It’s a keeper! Purchase for your library and personal bookshelves.

Though, I did deduct a star for its slow start and unclear direction of the story. Plus, I would have enjoyed hearing a bit more about the main character’s coursework, since I felt much of the book stressed the importance of a personal assignment, but never got around to discussing it as much as her fanfiction. I wanted more of that – personal preference.

Overall, well done with 4 out of 5 lemons! I’m onto Rowell’s other books. Look for those reviews to come!